Hi, I'm Emma Taylor and as Founder and Director of Creative Advice Network I offer support and advice to companies and individuals within the Photographic, Advertising and Design sectors.

The best way to describe me is as a "Creative Mary Poppins". Except I fly in and help Creatives instead of miserable children not wanting to tidy their bedrooms.


Here are just a few of the things I can help you with . . .

• Portfolio/Website review and progression 
• Advice on client market place expansion 
• Financial tips 
• Advising on Estimates and Day Fees 
• Restructuring your business 
• Marketing support 
• Social Media development 
• Creative inspiration and personal work development 
• Reading through contracts 
• Copyright and usage and I.P.

So if any of that sounds rather handy; drop me a line and we can have a coffee (and possibly some cake).

I'm also available for one-on-one consulting sessions with unrepresented Photographers - discussing portfolios, websites and help steer work in the right direction. These usually last an hour and can be focused on whatever you need help with.