How do I get an Agent? (Photographers)

A question we hear multiple times, daily, sometimes hourly.

But is it the right question to be asking?

It’s really important to take a step back and think first about what it is you want from your relationship with an agent; asides from the obvious “lots of jobs”.

Is is marketing support and booking you appointments? Do you feel swamped when it comes to organising a production? Are you looking for a creative mentor? Or do you feel in a weaker position when quoting to clients?

When you’ve asked your self those questions first, then it’s time to think about how you find your perfect Agent.

The Photography Show 2015

Right you lucky people! From the 21st-24th March we will be relocating our office to the Birmingham NEC as part of the 2015 Photography Show. You'll find us on stand G131.

Throughout the four days Emma and some of our favourite Creative Advice Network collaborators will be on hand to offer portfolio reviews. 

So if you feel the need for a fresh perspective on your work, help identifying the gaps in your portfolio or where you can be seeking out new clients, get in touch to book a session.

30min portfolio reviews & consultations

£50 per session (special show rate)

Saturday 21st

Reviews available throughout the day with Emma Taylor or guest Martin Homent (Creative Director TBWA\Integer)

Sunday 22nd

Reviews available between 2pm and 5pm with Emma Taylor

Monday 23rd

Reviews available between 1:30pm and 4:30pm with Beth Taubner (Mercury Lab), James O'Jenkins (Portrait Salon / A Fine Beginning) or Carole Evans (Portrait Salon)

Tuesday 24th

Reviews available throughout the day with Emma Taylor or Martin Homent (Creative Director TBWA\Integer)