The work / life balance

Before I meet with photographers for a 1hr consult sessions I ask them to bring a list of questions. A really interesting one keeps cropping up. . .

"What's the trick to getting my work/life balance right?"

A really great question I thought and one, if you're honest, we've all considered at one time or another. The thing is the answer is ridiculously simple. So incredibly simple. They are utterly the same thing, or they should be anyway.

If you're working in any kind of creative discipline you're pretty much a creative right down to your bones. So you're never off the clock, not truly.

Photographers when out from behind the lens are walking down the street and spotting the way light hits a building, or eating an apple that reminds them to explore the notions of gravity in a new personal project. You are constantly absorbing your surroundings and this all feeds into you work.

This is not a job folks and if it's starting to feel like one then something isn't quite right.