Photographers Dining Club - Instagram

Every now and then, if you're lucky, you meet a human who inspires you. If you're even luckier you get to work with them, be friends even!

One such human is Anton Artemenkov, the founder of Photographers Dining Club. Who I have the pleasure of collaborating with on Spread and on the occasional brainstorm for PDC.  Last week Anton assembled the best panel of speakers to date, all talking about Instagram; it's peaks, pitfalls and perks.

Lu Bowan (Making Pictures) started off the evening discussing the rising need amongst clients to supply 'social content', and how MP are seeking to support their artists and set industry standards in this new commissioning landscape.

Up next we had Charlie Kwai aka London.Journal who talked us through his creative journey to becoming a Street Photographer and the mixed responses he gets from his Instagram audience.

We also had the joy of listening to Miss Underground, an Instagram based photographer, who's seen the platform evolve over the last 5yrs and spoke about her experiences with it, the fun that's it's brought her.

And then there was Dan Gaba. I really don't think I can ever explain just how incredible his talk was. Jeez the man got up there a bore his creative soul to us, explaining how Instagram saved his life. I know that's going to sound glib to anyone who wasn't there or knows Dan, but he wasn't fucking kidding, he used it as a creative grappling hook and pulled his ass back from the brink. Hats off to him for his honesty, I walked away utterly inspired and loving photography that little bit more because of it.

Huge thanks to Anton for sharing these pictures.