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AOP awards evening

The AOP awards evening this year promised to be really good night and boy did it deliver! It was great to share a drink with old friends catching up on all the work everyone has been producing, and also met lots of new and exciting people (who I will eventually be in touch with!). 

The night went really well with a huge amount of people turning up and with plenty of drink on hand we made for a merry bunch. Entries must have been at an all time high this year, as it certainly felt like there was a lot of strong work to look at on show.

I was particularly proud to see projects that I had worked on with both Dylan Collard and Steve Hoskins up on the walls and gathering so many positive responses from everyone. 

Free Range Graduate show

The Free Range graduate show, which annually showcases fresh graduate photography at the Truman Brewery is always worth a visit there is so much photography to see, and the odd glass of free wine!

University Campuses from all over the U.K get to make an impression but more importantly the students themselves get a real taste of producing work for an audience outside their Uni walls . Free Range really does turn out some really interesting work.

This year, with such a huge amount of work spread across 3 different floors, the installation pieces played a big roll in breaking up the exhibition space.

It was lovely to see the UCA Rochester third year students and their final majors projects. Having worked with them earlier in the year, discussion around Free Range and their final major piece, was at the fore. It was a pleasure to workshop ideas with them all and I really hope to work with them in the future as they all branch out in their own directions, taking those first steps on their way to their creative careers.

Creative Advice Network Instagram Account

Not only can you follow me on twitter and of course on the website, CAN now has its own instagram account where I will be uploading images from projects I'm working on and showcasing work from amazing CAN collaborators.

As well as looking at some of the projects I get to work on there will be some behind the scenes content from time to time.

You can find my Instagram here or search @creative_advice


It's CAN's 5th Birthday Party!

This month CAN celebrated its 5th birthday.

It's been a wonderfully busy 5 years during which I've had the pleasure of working on some really exciting projects, collaborating with some brilliant creatives.  

So it only seemed right celebrate with the wonderful friends I've made along the way. Huge thanks go to Colin from The Scullery Cafe provided the delicious food on the night. Jeez those lamb & rosemary skewers!!!

Heres to the next 5 years!

Steve Hoskin - Koi Shoot

This shoot with Steve was our first collaboration after coming together and deciding to work together earlier this year. in a previous post i expressed how much i was looking forward to getting some ideas down and some creative work done together and this shoot really didn't disappoint. 

Steve's work is always top quality and you can see why he is such an esteemed photographer. We both came into this shoot a little bit unaware as to what the outcome was going to be, but when we saw the images come out for the first time it was clear we had achieved something great. 

As art director i can say i am really proud of this shoot.  Head over to Steve's website to see more of his stunning work.


Merry Christmas!

It's the festive season, and a great time to reflect on what has been a really productive year.

A particular highlight was taking part in this year's Photography Show, which generated a great response from the people I met across the four days, some of whom have turned in to lovely new clients to work with. I've also shifted over to a lovely new office in Hoxton, and am settling in very nicely gazing out of our giant window. It's a big change from our basement digs in Shoreditch! 

Photographer Dylan Collard and I are collaborating on a great location portrait project which saw Dylan fly out to the USA. This will form an exciting exhibition in February 2016 - so do keep an eye out for further updates! 

I'm pretty much gearing down now and getting my festive on, so I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year! 

Photographer : Jonathan Knowles

Art Direction : Emma Taylor

Make Up Artist : Emma Fray 

Contortionist : Beth Sykes

Photographer : Jonathan Knowles 

Art Direction : Emma Taylor 

Model : Clea Martin 

Hair Styling : Robert Frampton.

New Client! - Steve Hoskins

I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce Steve Hoskins to my growing list of new clients! With a background in advertising, Steve honed his skills at Central Saint Martins before later putting down his own studio roots in West London and Wiltshire. 

Shooting with a host of international clients, Steve's work focuses on animals photography through both stills and moving image. I'm looking forward to teaming up with Steve particularly when it comes to brainstorming shoot ideas.

The images below are just some of my favourites, you can see them and many more on Steve's site here <==

The Portrait Salon 2015

A form of Salon des Refusés to the work rejected by the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize - this month Portrait Salon celebrated its fifth year! 

In a slight break from their norm this year Portrait Salon invited every photographer who entered, to exhibit one image, an opportunity never before given, meaning a full show of 353 portraits on display instead of the usual 70+.

The Embassy Tea Gallery played host to the wealth of fantastic work for the exhibition. The opening night was a huge success bustling with creatives!

This year marks my 4th year of sponsorship and it’s been great to be involved in the continued support of this incredible event.

Soon I'll be having a catch-up with Matt MacPake for a career advice session following his 'peoples choice' win at this year's show.

The next stop for the Portrait Salon will be in February 2016, when the entire selection travels to The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery in Tokyo. 

   Images courtesy of  Portrait Salon


Images courtesy of Portrait Salon

In Lucid's Window

Once a month I venture down to South London and drop into Brockley’s creative community to see the wonderful Hat Margolies at Lucid Represents. We’ve connected over the last 18 months to bounce ideas and fine-tune marketing strategies, so it’s always great to see what Lucid have been working on in-between visits. Lucid's office window plays centre stage for their photographers work - and what a lovely window display it is! You can follow their changing gallery at #inlucidswindow

Photographers Dining Club - Instagram

Every now and then, if you're lucky, you meet a human who inspires you. If you're even luckier you get to work with them, be friends even!

One such human is Anton Artemenkov, the founder of Photographers Dining Club. Who I have the pleasure of collaborating with on Spread and on the occasional brainstorm for PDC.  Last week Anton assembled the best panel of speakers to date, all talking about Instagram; it's peaks, pitfalls and perks.

Lu Bowan (Making Pictures) started off the evening discussing the rising need amongst clients to supply 'social content', and how MP are seeking to support their artists and set industry standards in this new commissioning landscape.

Up next we had Charlie Kwai aka London.Journal who talked us through his creative journey to becoming a Street Photographer and the mixed responses he gets from his Instagram audience.

We also had the joy of listening to Miss Underground, an Instagram based photographer, who's seen the platform evolve over the last 5yrs and spoke about her experiences with it, the fun that's it's brought her.

And then there was Dan Gaba. I really don't think I can ever explain just how incredible his talk was. Jeez the man got up there a bore his creative soul to us, explaining how Instagram saved his life. I know that's going to sound glib to anyone who wasn't there or knows Dan, but he wasn't fucking kidding, he used it as a creative grappling hook and pulled his ass back from the brink. Hats off to him for his honesty, I walked away utterly inspired and loving photography that little bit more because of it.

Huge thanks to Anton for sharing these pictures. 

New Client! - Jack Eames

With a portfolio of international brands and publications, London-based fashion and beauty photographer Jack Eames continues to produce a stunning body of work. 

Having worked with Jack over a number of years - I'm thrilled to be teaming up with him again. We're dedicating two days a mth to sitting down and brainstorming shoot ideas, his brand strategy & how to get his portfolio in front of the right clients.

The images below are part of his new series 'Mesh' a collaboration with KH Hair. You can see the whole project on Jack's site here <= I absolutely adore it! 

2015-05-12 KH BHA21940 1_crop01.jpg
2015-05-12 KH BHA22330_crop.jpg

The work / life balance

Before I meet with photographers for a 1hr consult sessions I ask them to bring a list of questions. A really interesting one keeps cropping up. . .

"What's the trick to getting my work/life balance right?"

A really great question I thought and one, if you're honest, we've all considered at one time or another. The thing is the answer is ridiculously simple. So incredibly simple. They are utterly the same thing, or they should be anyway.

If you're working in any kind of creative discipline you're pretty much a creative right down to your bones. So you're never off the clock, not truly.

Photographers when out from behind the lens are walking down the street and spotting the way light hits a building, or eating an apple that reminds them to explore the notions of gravity in a new personal project. You are constantly absorbing your surroundings and this all feeds into you work.

This is not a job folks and if it's starting to feel like one then something isn't quite right.

Late paying clients

We were recently asked what the best approach was when your clients aren’t paying you on time. It always feels like such a tricky situation, you don’t want to alienate them, but at the same time you really do need to pay the bills.

Our first port of call is the Late Payment Legislation. It’s an incredibly helpful tool that calculates a per day percentage penalty charge on monies owed. It takes into account the size of the company, the amount of money and the terms of service.

We always suggest a polite nudge to your clients mentioning this and giving them a weeks grace before you follow it, will often see the money appearing into your account and no falling out with folks.